History & Philosophy
Management Team
Holladay Construction

We are a locally owned real estate development company best known for our innovative residential and mixed-use projects. Based in Washington, DC, we have developed and sold or managed condominiums, apartments, assisted living communities, commercial, industrial and retail buildings.

We work throughout the greater Washington metro area, the Mid-Atlantic and the Midwestern United States.

We deliver:

  1. Hundreds of professionals with a keen understanding of the market. .
  2. Ways to make projects appealing to consumers.
  3. Extensive experience in all facets of the real estate industry.
  4. Relentless attention to detail.
  5. Concern for our residents and partners.
  6. High standards of design and workmanship.

All these work to create solid investments that serve the community, its residents, and our partners well.

Our Mission:

"To develop high-quality residential and mixed-use real estate projects that create long-term value for owners, residents, tenants and the surrounding community."

Acquisitions: Working with The Holladay Corporation

Our acquisition strategy is focused on one key goal: identifying well-located projects in our core markets. We are actively seeking new development or acquisition opportunities for multifamily apartments and condominiums, assisted living, and self-storage. We prefer infill locations that have high barriers to entry and would consider joint ventures as well as sale transactions.

For over 50 years, we have executed transactions successfully, and we operate with the highest standards of integrity. If you have an opportunity that may be of interest, please call (202) 362-2400 or e-mail acquisitions@holladaycorp.com.