Holladay Construction

An integral part in the success of The Holladay Corporation is its relationship with Holladay Construction, LLC. Holladay Construction is an “in house” general contractor that has been part of the development team since the company’s inception. This integrated approach is a key advantage of the Holladay Corporation, bringing best practices in construction and accurate pricing to the table early on in the development process. In addition, Holladay Construction is dedicated to delivering top quality homes on time, on budget and with superior customer service.

Holladay Construction has built a range of product types, including high density condominiums and apartments, mid-rise concrete and steel buildings, 4-story stick projects over a podium, and garden apartments. The company has also worked with third party general contractors to construct several local office buildings and other commercial structures.

Even the best developers cannot succeed – at least for very long - without appreciating the importance of good customer service. Thus, in all of our relationships with customers, we do everything possible to address issues, solve problems, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Residentially, our in-house customer service team and construction company work together in the initial delivery of units so that a consistent standard of quality is delivered. Thereafter, they assist with customer and common element warranty issues for as long as necessary to resolve problems.

This level of personalized, “hands-on” attention inures to our benefit, not only in satisfying current residents but in enhancing our reputation for future projects and future customers.