Holladay Construction

The Holladay Corporation has maintained its strong reputation through the years by managing all aspects of development from site selection through project delivery. We believe this “soup to nuts” approach to development helps to control costs and ensures consistent quality.

In infill development, which is our focus, there is no such thing as a "typical" project. Our hands-on approach to these unique sites adds value. We understand the risks inherent in these more complicated deals and, in turn, can underwrite them with more confidence and accuracy.

Our investors, joint venture partners, and lenders count on us for this expertise. They depend upon our ability to implement complicated development strategies to satisfy their investment return requirements. In addition, both debt and equity investors are attracted to our projects because of our long track record and our unwavering commitment to stand behind our projects.

Just as there is no typical development strategy, we are purposefully flexible in financing projects, as well. Unique situations require unique solutions. We have the capacity to fulfill every role of development. But we often joint venture with a partner in order to gain access to an attractive site, benefit from a partner's expertise, or spread risk on a complicated deal.

In addition to relying on traditional acquisition, construction and development debt, we also have a history of using varied capital sources including our own equity, private equity, mezzanine debt, and individual investor equity.